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THE initial project started in 2015/2016 as a collaboration between The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, Italian Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver and DreamyourMind srl under Italian Design Map and as a platform for consumers to find Made-in-Italy designs.  In 2020, as IDM, upon the chamber’s request, became the sole property of the Italian Chamber and their partners and as the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the Italian economy, DreamyourMind srl and SocialMedia4Me Marketing launched the platform Italian Sourcing Map. 

The aim of this platform for Authentic Italian Manufacturers is to give them added exposure to serious wholesale buyers and brands who upon seeing the quality of their craftsmanship and products can become their repeat wholesale clients. 

The goal of the platform for sellers, retailers, Private Label brands, Amazon sellers, wholesale buyers, and importers is to connect them with reliable and authentic Italian manufacturers,  as opposed to fake Made in Italy suppliers, who can help them source quality Made in Italy products, manufacture their products under Italian standards, and thus stand up against their competitors and be in the position to increase their profit margins and win.

While Italian Sourcing Map is a free to join platform for Italian manufacturers, our member manufacturers are carefully selected and screened by our Italian subsidiary; DreamyourMind srl.

On the other hand, a small monthly fee is charged from the buyers on a monthly basis to ensure that only serious buyers are having access to our manufacturers preferred ISM pricing.

Additional Services


While most of our manufacturers are able to communicate in English at a good level and their information is made available for you to connect and place orders directly, for buyers who need assistance in:

  • Logo, package, website design;
  • Our expertise in contract and MOQ negotiation in Italian;
  • factory visit;
  • photography services;
  • travel arrangement (hotel reservation etc);
  • consulting services;

 DreamyourMind srl is happy to help on a contract basis.

SocialMedia4Me Marketing, Canadian company who has track record of bringing impressive results for brands, authors, as well as film sector internationally, will also be available to assist, on a contract basis, Private Label companies that are interested in establishing their brands through the power of word of mouth and social media. 


Manufacturers who need translation services, assistance in communicating with potential buyers or would like travel arrangement to North America or UAE to visit their buyers or attend a trade fair, please feel free to contact us. There will be a fee involved in any one on one assistance, but for those whose business is affected by the pandemic, we are happy to offer some level of services at no cost as a way of showing our appreciation for your work and for making Italy a proud nation!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at ciao@italiansourcingmap.com for further information.



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